Ziereisen Weißer Burgunder 2018

Ein trockener Qualitätsweißwein aus Markgraflerland, Baden, Deutschland, Alkoholgehalt: 12,0%, Rebsorten: 100% Weißburgunder, Flascheninhalt: 0,75l. 2015er Jahrgang ausgezeichnet mit 91 Parker Punkten (siehe unter Information)

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Alkoholgrad: 12,0% vol.
Allergene: Sulfite, Spuren von Eiweiß
Abfüller/Erzeuger: Weingut Hans Peter Ziereisen, Markgrafenstraße 17, 79588 Efringen-Kirchen, Deutschland

Pinot Blanc
2020 - 2028
 Stephan Reinhardt
13th Aug 2020

Vinified in large oak vats for 18 months, the 2018 Weisser Burgunder is intense yet still yeasty and somewhat reductive on the elegant and aromatic nose. On the palate, this is a straight, pure, fresh and elegant Pinot Blanc, with a subtle form of power on the finish. Tight and salty and always refreshing. It will benefit from bottle age. Tasted from L 11 20 in July 2020.

"Make Gutedel great again." Edeltraud and Hanspeter Ziereisen continue to work on this task, which at first seems impossible. The couple produces a whole range of excellent wines made from the Gutedel (a.k.a. Chasselas) grape: Heugumber, Viviser, Steingrüble and Jaspis Alte Reben 10⁴, probably the most expensive Chasselas in the world. A new addition is the Jaspis Roter Gutedel Unterirdisch, an orange wine that is matured in amphorae and has a pink color and lots of grip. In April last year, I accompanied Edeltraud and Hanspeter to St. Joseph in the Rhône Valley, where they went to the best red wine producers in the appellation, Pierre and Jean Gonon, to prune Chasselas vines in order to save the old genetics, to propagate them and replant them at home. The Gonons, astonished by so much passion for a variety that was almost extinct in the Rhône, as well as in the Loire and Alsace, decided without further ado to keep the vineyard, but helped the Ziereisen to cut the cuttings. However, it will be a few more years before the French fruit can be turned into Badischer Landwein. Zieriesen has just planted 20,000 Gononon selections per hectare, all of them raised on single stakes, just like in grandfather's time. It's all manual labor, not even a horse can work here. This venture shows how the Ziereisens understand and worship the Chasselas grape as a part of European wine culture and history, and also honor it with great wines in all price ranges. The mineral 2017 Steingrüble, which tastes of lime and salt, is perhaps the most interesting one; it comes quite close to the once again brilliant grand cru Jaspis Alte Reben 10⁴ but costs only a fraction of that bottling. The 2018 Heugumber, matured in casks for over a year and a half, is already a fruity, charming, richly finesse and characterful Chasselas for little money. The most impressive white wine of the 2017 vintage for me is the Jaspis Grauer Burgunder, though. I have hardly ever had a better dry Pinot Gris in my glass and if so, only in Alsace. Even the cheaper 2017 Musbrugger is a fantastic Pinot Gris. Of the red wines I tasted, the 2017 Jaspis Syrah convinced me the most this summer. Although it is still very young, it shows a breathtaking concentration, firmness and nervy tension, which promises a great future. Among the Pinots, the Talrain continues to grow into an even better Pinot Noir and comes ever closer in quality to the always magnificent Rhini, but it is of course different in expression—spicier, more tensioned, less charming. The first 2018s that I have just tasted are pure, incredibly mineral and fresh and promise another magnificent vintage at Ziereisen, this skilled carpenter, practicing asparagus and potato farmer, passionate meat eater and intuitive winemaker in Efringen-Kirchen near Basel in Baden. He simply does not stop getting better and better.

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