Van Volxem Gottesfuss Alte Reben 2017

Ein trockener Qualitätsweißwein aus Wiltingen, Mosel Saar Ruwer, Deutschland, Alkoholgehalt: 11,5%, Rebsorten: 100% Riesling, Flascheninhalt: 0,75l, ausgezeichnet mit 96 Parker Punkten (siehe unter Information)

Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager

€42,50 Inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten
Grundpreis: €56,67 / Liter

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Lieferzeit: sofort versandfertig, Lieferfrist 2-3 Werktage

Alkoholgrad: 11,5% vol.
Allergene: Sulfite, Spuren von Eiweiß

Abfüller/Erzeuger: Van Volxem, Dehenstraße 2, 54459 Wiltingen, Deutschland

Germany Mosel
2022 - 2036
 Stephan Reinhardt
27th Apr 2018

The 2016 Gottesfuss Riesling Alte Reben has a lovely flinty/reductive, refined, pretty stony and initially slightly yeasty bouquet. Lush and elegant, this is a super fine but also super complex and persistent Riesling from roughly 120-years old vines. The finish is enormous, very long and complex but still reductive and very tight, with crunchy fresh slate flavors. The wine tastes pretty dry due to its strong minerality and grip. It's pure and rather filigreed but develops stunning volume and remarkable length. Tasted March 2018.

2016 is the first vintage to be processed in the new, state-of-the-art cellar far above the Wiltingeer Schlangengraben. Although the building won't be finished before the end of 2018, the winery was fully functional in the autumn of 2016. It might be the vintage or cellar or the combination of both, but 2016 is the finest vintage in the history of Roman Niedwoniczanski's Van Volxem. They have top vineyards along the Saar with very old vines and younger vines and top genetics (predominantly from Nic Weis). With Dominik Völk serving as vineyard manager and cellar master since 2004 and now also the building manager of this pretty giant wine estate, Van Volxem is now one of the icon domaines in the Saar valley. The 2016s show outstanding elegance and finesse but also concentration without any phenolic flavors or grip. "We could sort and handle our grapes perfectly for the first time," says Dominik, whose technical know-how and ideas have influenced the functionality of the building substantially. Van Volxem is surely one of the big players in the Mosel today, but the wines have reached a level technical perfection that comes very close to Markus Molitor today. Dominik would have loved to show me his 2017s, but when I spotted some wines I (like everybody else) had never tasted before, I opted for the two Trockenbeerenauslesen and the Beerenauslese from the phenomenal 2011 vintage. The result: the first 100-pointer for Van Volxem! Congratulations!


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